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Having a complete and appealing website, perhaps backed up by a blog and ecommerce, without having to plan the activities to position it in the search engines and distribution strategies, would be like having a store with a large window display and top class fittings, but situated in a quiet street in the outskirts: a waste of time and money.

NatrixICT proposes two types of service to distribute and promote your contents on the web: web marketing and social media marketing.

NatrixICT added value is given by the integration between their technical ability in the publication and distribution of information in the web, such as medical-scientific knowledge and creating and controlling the contents, to knowledge of current market trends and dynamics in the health, wellness and pharmacy sector.

Positioning and visibility strategies


Web promotions involve a series of activities which are part of a strategic plan, and aim at giving greater visibility to your web pages in the search engine results, attracting visitors who are interested in your products and services: give the user what they want when they are looking for it is the ultimate aim of any web marketing strategy.

In this area NatrixICT:

  • Concentrates on SEO – Search Engine Optimisation: a series of methods related to structuring the site contents and the individual pages, so that your contents are more appetising for the search engine spiders.
  • Positioning the pages in the SERP – Search Engine Results Page: a series of methods to improve the position of your site pages in the search engine results using the keywords related to your business.
  • Generating ad hoc contents: drafting functional texts to obtain greater visibility in the search engines, by using keywords specific to your market sector.
  • Territorial web market: addressed to promoting your business locally, in particular exploiting the potential offered by Google Maps and Google + Local business pages.
  • Banner and pay per click campaigns: display campaigns and text announcement campaigns (in particular Google AdWords), ideal for spreading information about specific and time limited services, like special offers and promotions.

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