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Telemedicine Platform


The mission of NatrixICT is to combine information & communication technology with health, and they have created a telemedicine platform where health professionals are able to follow their patients’ progress, no matter where they are.

In accordance with Italian Ministry for Health guidelines regarding telemedicine and mobile health, whose aims include secondary prevention and monitoring patients’ vital parameters, the NatrixICT telemedicine platform allows, on one hand, the health professional to improve their level of assistance and, on the other, the patient to directly contact the specialist without having to go to the surgery.

The main features of the platform include:

  • Live chat and online check-up
  • Recording the patient’s vital parameters
  • Shared report between the specialist and the patient

Integrating the telemedicine platform with the Movita devices to record the vital parameters, makes this platform a complete and innovative tool for health professionals who want to give an effective response to their patients’ needs.

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