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It is obvious nowadays that to have adequate web coverage we have to dominate the social media channels as well: a large part of internet traffic comes from sharing contents on social network pages, which offer the chance of extending the audience of receivers of the message which can then go viral.

Even at public institutional level, the wellness and health sector is entering the social media world with a rapidly increasing trend: the two-way nature of social network communications is ideal to create a direct dialogue with the target, and also social media can also be used to contact users who are normally difficult to reach.

Here NatrixICT can be useful:

  • To identify which targets you should reach: before opening a social profile, you should ask what is its purpose and what type of people you want to target.
  • Choose the channels: is a Facebook fan page, a LinkedIn page, a Twitter profile or a Google Plus page better? Each social network has different rules, interaction methods and dynamics and requires a specific approach.
  • Define the contents and communications style: what sort of content do you want to propose to your contacts? Which style and ‘voice tone’? Is reassuring formality or light-heartedness preferable?
  • Create a platform: after deciding the type of contents, you must plan the series of topics and define the best times and days to publish them, depending on the social channel and target public.
  • Manage interactions: two-way communications offer great opportunities, but expose you to risks. You have to be quick, flexible and also ready to handle any emergencies caused by criticism, whether it is justified or not.

Content marketing for the health and wellness sector

So, we have decided the most suitable social channel for our public, we have opened the social pages to promote our business, we have performed a precise analysis to decide which days and times to publish so we have greatest visibility … but how should we proceed to offer our followers contents that stimulate interaction and sharing and with what sort of frequency?

We have to plan the contents publications depending on the trends in a certain period of time, so our offer rides the crest of the wave of predominant interest.

The health and wellness sector is full of ideas here: for example, consider the graph below showing the volume of Google searches for “flu”.

As you can see the search peak, which is the public interest indicator, is during the winter.

What’s more, apart from the normal seasonal trend, the graphs shows a very high search volume at the end of 2009, due to an exceptional event that captured attention much higher than average: it was the A/HIN1 flu, or swine flu, which in March 2009 recorded the first cases of human contagion, and in April forced the WHO to launch the warning of a potential pandemic.

In short, an effective social network profile has to be based on adequate content marketing strategies, because:

  • You have to maintain a set frequency in publishing the contents
  • You have to develop the topics organically and consistently
  • You have to intercept prevailing interest in order to stimulate interaction
  • You have to create expectations in your followers, and never disappoint them.

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