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NatrixICT is the result of integrating two specific areas: Information and Communication Technology and know-how in the medical-scientific field.

While the application of new technology to the health and wellness sector is producing results that go well beyond the sphere of a specialized doctor, and promise to create enormous changes in the patient-health structure relationships, the added value of NatrixICT is that it has always been on the inside of this great evolution.

Everyday integration between NatrixICT and the NatrixLab diagnostic and medical services in designing and implementing software solutions and specific communications campaigns, not only has enabled an exchange of knowledge but also increased their awareness in interpreting the trends and needs of those who are now seeking information and answers about health and who has to provide them.

Any solution addressed to improving human health and wellness has to be based on systematic reciprocal listening, and can only be communicated based on the fundamental values for NatrixICT: loyalty, trust, transparency, helpfulness, confidentiality and innovation.

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