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Is your site responsive? Discover why it should be!

The number of users who visit a website from mobile devices like cell phones, smartphones and tablets is growing exponentially: in 2014 there were 1.75 billion mobile users, and hands up who has never consulted the web from their smartphone, or Googled information or followed the link in an email.

Now hands up who, after following the link, was disappointed with the results because the website was hard to consult, with menu items that were too small and close to be able to digit, pages full of microscopic characters and images that didn’t emerge from the screen.

So this sort of website is not responsive, i.e. not adaptable to the size of the device where it is being viewed.

The number of times we have given up, because fed up of having to keep on digiting and searching, (ending up in a competitor’s website), should have already led us to consider how our website is viewed and now, or to be precise since 21st April 2015, whoever does not face this problem is facing business suicide.

It is now official: Google recently announced what operators had been expecting for some time: i.e. websites that are not designed to adapt to the viewing devices will be penalized in searches from mobile devices.

The new algorithm has been globally active since 21st April 2015, and provides different results for the same search depending on whether it is from a PC or a smartphone: on par with other requirements, non-responsive websites will lose ground with respect to responsive ones.

What may initially seem an imposition from the monopoly of a giant is, in fact, consistent with the logic that has always been pursued in Mountain View: provide users who make Google searches with contents that are not just related to their input keywords but offer the best possible user experience.

So the question now is: what user experience are we offering visitors to our web pages?

A question that has to be asked before we read the answer in the access stats!

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