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Digital signage and interactive videocommunications

Videocommunications inside the pharmacy (digital signage) is an innovative and increasingly popular method to inform patients while they are waiting inside the store.

Videocommunications systems are able to receive a message in a set place and at a set time, and therefore can provide information, news about current promotions, useful news and information like the weather, current affairs or curious facts, obtained from external sources which leads to a much better informed and loyal clientele.



B2Share is the NatrixICT videocommunications solution in your centre, comprising software to program and manage the contents and video displays.

Content management software

The video displays are managed by software installed on a remote server, equipped with content programming interface that is accessed via internet, with no need for apps being installed in your PC. This platform is compatible with any operating system and you always have the latest release available.

The vast possibility to customize the software means that numerous requests can be satisfied in terms of programming, management and display of the contents.

Here are just a few of the aspects you could find very interesting:

  • Wide choice of templates designed for the wellness and health sector
    The display screens can be divided into sections, depending on the source and the user of the contents, which you can upload personally or obtain from outside sources, they can be promotional, informative or service contents
    Choose from a vast solution gallery, specifically created for the pharmaceutical sector, or you can create them personally together with us.
  • Not just information, but entertainment as well.
    B2Share will become a very powerful and versatile information tool. On one hand you can highlight the promotions in your centre, and on the other you can save time with a multimedia method of providing information, that responds to the growing need expressed by the health and wellness sector.
    Another very important aspect, you can use B2Share to transmit entertainment for the people who are waiting their turn, which is a great boost to customer loyalty.
  • Widespread and effective communications actions.
    Have you invested time and money in creating a website and planning your social media strategy?
    With B2Share you can incorporate any web page in the displays, enhancing your communications campaigns and with total integration between your store and your virtual showcase.

The displays


The displays are formed of totems containing 32, 42 or 46 inch high resolution screens.

They have Wi-Fi board, audio speakers and Android operating system installed, available in two versions:

  • Not interactive
    Display of contents programmed by the management software, without the user being able to interact.
  • Interactive
    With touchscreen where the user can select the contents to view or input data.

Wi-Fi totems: no wiring needed for them to work!

The totems can be customised with your sign.
Specially designed for dedicated management software, the B2Share totems enable:

  • Flexibility in your communications campaigns.
    As they have a Wi-Fi board, they work simply by plugging them into the power, so you can place them anywhere in your centre and move them when you need.
  • To provide organised information on varying levels of analysis.
    With the interactive system, you can create browsing courses for your patients who can choose from the menu on the screen which page or video they want to see.
    Any information, including the most useful, is always more welcome if we choose it by ourselves!
  • To acquire data for future communication activities.
    Do you want to increase the list of addressees for your newsletters, increase your fans in your Facebook page, or promote the download of your apps?
    The B2Share totem can play a key role in making your direct marketing actions more powerful and effective.

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