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CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) is used for systematic, centralized and efficient customer relations: it enables tracking each customer’s activities and the results, and planning an action plan to promote products, services and offers.

In a communications era where the message is increasingly focused on the needs of the individual and the sale develops within a longstanding relationship, especially in the health and wellness sector where loyalty is a crucial factor, CRM software could be a decisive jump in quality.

NatrixICT suggests CRM NetBoard, which apart from the more common functions in this type of software offers prerogatives specifically created for the health and wellness sector, in particular:

  • Database of customers and their activities
    Which customers called by phone, by email, by text, and which ones contacted you from your social profiles? Discover with a click using the panel with all the activity details!
  • Email marketing sector
    Do you normally use emails to promote activities, products, services and offers? With CRM your message will reach the right person, and you can customise the message to further increase the percentage of openings and clicks on your messages.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the actions and plan future ones
    How many answered yes? Are some addressees more receptive to an email or a text? How can you plan a call campaign to market a particular promotion?
    NetBoard will give you the results of each specific action, which will enable you to plan your future actions and improve their effectiveness each time.
  • Standardise procedures
    Have you had problems in handover from one co-worker to another, because there was no reference standard?
    As CRM gives centralised data management, it returns the data in a format the entire company can use, irrespective of the individual logic of each co-worker.

Modularity and integration


The NetBoard modular architecture, which can be integrated into the software already installed and with the company website, makes the NatrixICT CRM especially suitable for:

  • Ecommerce applications
    Synchronised with your ecommerce showcase, it automatically collects the data about the online purchases.
  • Book check-ups and treatment and manage the calendar
    Do you want your patients to be able to book their check-ups and treatments directly online? NetBoard enables you to provide advanced services to all your customers with very efficient management.
  • Promote products and/or hire equipment
    Do you want your patients to be able to check if you have a certain drug or equipment available without having to leave their home?
    With NetBoard you increase your patient service level which gives you a great competitive advantage.
  • Coupons and discount vouchers
    Every year the cycle of the seasons and recurring factors mean people tend to focus on a specific need and then try to satisfy it: whether they need to slim ready for the bikini test, or fight the first cold symptoms, with our CRM you can ride the crest of the wave of trends and offer your customers coupons and discount vouchers.
  • Fidelity card
    Do you want to build customer loyalty with a fidelity card? CRM NetBoard has all the right solutions.

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