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The definition of business intelligence is “the process of transforming data and information into knowledge”, i.e. the series of methods, processes, architecture and technology that enable us to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information, so that our decisional processes are more strategically and tactically effective.

Thanks to business intelligence all a company’s knowledge that is contained in the management databases, which otherwise would be recorded in costly statistics reports that are often obsolete as soon as they are published, is queried to obtain information that is necessary to take prompt decisions.

Companies that use business intelligence know themselves and their market better, and at a time when change is normal everyday business, anticipating trends is a fundamental competitive factor.

NatrixICT offers its services to the health and wellness sector as provider of business intelligence solutions:

  • To improve health assistance services, reducing waiting times by synchronised planning of the available resources with the patient flow models.
  • To improve patient safety, by means of immediate access to consolidated diagnosis information and reducing the potential medical errors.
  • To reduce operating costs by analysing the use of resources, inventories, buying options and supplier efficiency.
  • To optimise the revenue cycle management by reducing the time and costs involved with refunds.
  • To guarantee compliance with the legislative requirements when requested, acting in observance of operating standards, customer safety and health assistance quality.

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