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Have you got Facebook?


Twentyfive years ago the question was: “Have you got a website?”. If the answer was no, the disappointed expression on the other person’s face with an “Oh…” filled with reproof: “What, you still haven’t got a website? Everyone goes in the internet now, you have to be there!” In that pioneering phase, without asking too many questions, we tried to count the number of visits to our home page with meters that seemed speedometers in a car (because I have to show that my site is visited), with animated images ...

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Is your site responsive? Discover why it should be!


The number of users who visit a website from mobile devices like cell phones, smartphones and tablets is growing exponentially: in 2014 there were 1.75 billion mobile users, and hands up who has never consulted the web from their smartphone, or Googled information or followed the link in an email. Now hands up who, after following the link, was disappointed with the results because the website was hard to consult, with menu items that were too small and close to be able to digit, pages full of microscopic characters and ...

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