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Technological innovation, also addressed to the strategies of the biggest IT players, is now focusing more attention on the health and wellness sector.

The fast driving development in devices and applications, which obviously leads to much wider ranges of services offered to the patients, clearly shows that, thanks to the new technology, the relationship between the patient, health structure and pharmacy will change radically, also considering the need to save time and costs for the main health services.

As NatrixICT has already perfected the mobile solutions designed for Natrix Telenutrition and Movita, it is the ideal partner for pharmacies, analysis laboratories, medical centres and medical spas, to create apps for tablets and smartphones specifically for the health and wellness sector.

Mobile heath, that is using all mobile devices like tablets and smartphones in the health sector and applications in telemedicine, offers health and wellness structures great opportunities to extend their range of services and provide adequate solutions to today’s needs.

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