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NatrixICT Srl is the result of transforming the Information & Communication Technology division of NatrixLab, the diagnostic analysis laboratory in Reggio Emilia, into an independent company.

After years of experience in the design and development of software solutions for wellness and health sectors, NatrixICT now offers its know-how to pharmacies, analysis laboratories, medical centres and medical spas.

In a field that is undergoing both profound commercial changes and fast technological innovation, NatrixICT offers its services as partner to enable pharmacies, medical centres and professionals to anticipate patients’ new needs, to extend their range of services and provide efficient communications means.

In particular NatrixICT is specialised in:

  • Videocommunications inside the pharmacy or medical centre.
  • Creating websites that can be efficiently used from mobile devices.
  • Positioning pages in search engines.
  • Social media marketing strategies.
  • Creating apps for smartphones and tablets.

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